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MS7: Butterfly Goo with Kara Bolling, LCSW-C Episode 7

MS7: Butterfly Goo with Kara Bolling, LCSW-C

Kara Bolling, LCSW-C and Meg talk about the often painful transformation & growing processes we go through when we burn out, and how sometimes we just want to burn it all down and start over again.

· 01:11:33

What a treat this conversation was. This interview is with the vibrant and vulnerable Kara Bolling. Kara talks about facing burnout and painful growth over the past five years or so, from writing and self-publishing a book for pregnant therapists which came out a month before the pandemic hit, to navigating the opposing desires of “business as usual” and “burn it all down.” We talk about being butterfly goo, dealing with our own shit at the same time as our clients, financial anxiety, and trying to be OK with not having it all. You're not gonna wanna miss this one. 

About Today's Guest:
Kara Bolling, MSW, LCSW-C is a somatic psychotherapist in Ellicott City, Maryland. She works with adults and young adults who feel the struggle of absent or unsatisfying relationships, with people who have experienced trauma, and with parents who need extra support during the toddler and teenage years. She released her first book in February 2020: “The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant: A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be”, is a light-hearted take on planning for pregnancy and parental leave when you are a mental health, medical, and/or wellness practitioner. The book is available at www.karabolling.com/book

Kara lives in Baltimore with her husband and two precious children. She enjoys singing and making things. Visit her at www.karabolling.com and on Instagram @karabollinglcswc.

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